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Everyone is Dead

What if everyone around you was dead?

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What if everyone around you was dead?

What if everyone you ever came in contact with was actually dead? The thought
could leave your mind looting. This can be a cliché in being the scapegoat of a plot
twist. Many conspiracy theories could make the truth seem stranger than fiction.

Down the rabbit hole we go. Let us make haste of our time and our mind.
How could that be; if we can all feel pain, use logic and have free will?

Clinically known facts about Death:

Your brain is the last organ to shut down. For approximately 7 minutes, our minds are actively releasing toxins that rapidly cast illusions before the curtain closes.

During those 7 minutes, we witness our most fond memories in a dreamlike state.

Time is only relative to us in the third dimensional plane and varies when exploring other planes of consciousness. That means that 7 minutes on Earth could be close to 700 years in a dreamlike state.

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It is believed that in 2012 the world ended and all of mankind died instantly. And now we are living life through a shared consciousness. This leads us to the mother of modern-day conspiracy theory enthusiast the Mandela Effect.

After we all died, we awoke in this shared conscious state of being.

A parallel universe. We woke up in another world strikingly similar to our own; but offset by memories of past historic events, advertisements, songs, and sometimes your family and friend experiences deviate from the actual memory held by others.

This would conclude nothing being real and everything is a simulation inside of another simulation. Elon Musk stated it is possible we live in a simulated reality.

Tik Tok creators began sharing the Ethiopian calendar. Unlike the rest of the world, Ethiopia is about 8 years behind in time because of their 13-month calendar. The Catholic Church amended many things in history to fit the King James’ version of the bible. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church did not follow. 

Alexander the Great Fights the Ethiopians
Alexander the Great Fights the Ethiopians by Nizami Ganjavi (Azerbaijani, died 605 AH/AD 1209) is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

In 2020, when the world reset from the pandemic, Ethiopia was in 2012; which was when the Mayans predicted the end of the world…as we knew it.

Living in a shared consciousness would signal the existence of a virtual world created by our own memories. Memories that we got before we died and which continue mixing with memories of other people, creating a complex new world based upon individual perception. 

But what if we take into consideration that memory is a mechanism that comes with its faults? Memories get twisted according to emotion. Oftentimes, they get deleted and replaced by other memories, condensing dozens of facts into a new meaning. Since this is true and proved by science, it means this new plane of existence can’t be completely true. 

New Simulation Sheds Light on Spiraling Supermassive Black Holes
New Simulation Sheds Light on Spiraling Supermassive Black Holes by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

From the above, a new question arises. Is your dream affected by what is happening right now to another person in another dream? There is a high probability for that to be happening because the world is a place where ideas and facts function interchangeably. 

However, we know that a coin has two sides. Is this new world a lie or maybe a chance to extend life? An even more optimistic view would state that this new world serves as a bridge between the old world and your personal paradise. 

One could argue that pain has no place in paradise but maybe paradise is a synonym of existence. Just like any experienced magician makes you focus elsewhere while they perform the trick; maybe this shared consciousness wants you to FEEL everything so you can’t expose the trick. 

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Pain is an unpleasant way of “Being” but it is still a proof of “living”. Feeling no pain would not prove you live in paradise. It would rather mean are not existing. 

You may be also arguing that this world is real because it seems real. Dreams don’t work like this. They don’t make sense. This world makes sense for our logic. 

Depending on what “seems real” to determine what “is real”, is the worst mistake one can make. Can you remember the first time you fell in love? Love must have seemed so real back then. Like you can’t live without that significant person. But what happens a few years later? That feeling wears off and it might even go away or turn into its opposite. 

That can only mean one thing: That nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary and constantly changing. 

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If we draw some more assumptions from this text, yet another conclusion derives: That nothing is objective, everything is perspective. 

To conclude, the world is a temporary place where many perceptions are perplexed with each other, creating an ever growing plane of existence in complexity. Whether we are all dead or alive, we are still trapped in some form of existence even if this shared consciousness is nothing but an illusion. 

Enjoy this existence as much as you can because you never know where the next transition is going to take you.      


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