What happened to SHED?

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Hello Creatives,

Let’s talk about what happened to SHED (Someone Hears Every Death). Mark and Elli briefly discuss what happened to SHED? First and foremost, we want to thank you all for your continued support over the years. We are here to discuss our latest project that unfortunately did not reflect our ideal vision. So many of you were excited about the follow up to the events of Landon and Micah in “SHED: Prelude” and we were eager to create it but all did not turn out well. Egos, emotions, lack of communication and accountability, the list can go on. We do not fault anyone and take full accountability for releasing this project; it does not reflect what we intended it to be but there were sudden mishaps out of our control. We want to thank everyone on set for their part and support with this film and we wished we would have presented something so much better.


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