empty workspace

Is the office workspace coming to an end?

empty workspace
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In 2020, the Pandemic, a word that entered our vocabulary so casually in the most
disturbing way, shifted everything in our lives from our daily routines to the way we
interact with each other —-now at 6 feet apart. This may have brought some comfort
to the anxious, introverted individual. But for others who thrive off of community and
connecting with others, the world all of sudden became very small and cold.

Whatever category you fall in, one thing is for sure; that the pandemic pushed the
world forward and moved us several steps closer to the digital world. A fact that
would seem impossible a few years ago.

Businesses started turning towards digital working environments, such us meetings
through the internet and digital file sharing, which essentially means that people
started working from home. Of course, that extended to various aspects of life and,
for instance, social media started gaining more and more power.

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When you live in a world where everything is online, your life starts shifting from the
physical plane to the digital, and your digital presence suddenly seems to be more
important than ever before.

However, nothing comes without its hidden cost. As already mentioned, people
started working from home and businesses became more centered towards remote
work rather than the traditional workspace. This new form of working comes with its
own implications.

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The first implication is found in the hours of work an employee puts in. If there is not
a tracking system or a general metric of the amount of work produced or the hours
an employee works, then the limits may become quite unstable. Have you ever
made a funny face when your boss asked you to stay longer at work? With remote
work, the employee loses some of their power and their superiors can subtly “make”
them work more hours for the same amount of money.

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There is one more thing that needs to be taken into consideration and I call that
discipline. Working from home may seem utopic at first but there is a rule that states
that the amount of work that needs to be done stretches itself to fit the amount of
time available. That means that you have to be disciplined and keep yourself
Don’t be tricked by thinking that you have all the time in the world because you
don’t. And always keep in mind that if you live with other people you are going to
face many moments that are going to distract you.

To sum up all of the above, one thing is certain; no matter what your workspace is
going to be, whether it’s your home or your office, you will have to take care of your
productivity and be disciplined enough to not let work throw you off balance and
make sure that you still have some time available for yourself.

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