If you are not familiar with the term Degrowth, you might get confused and think that
the term refers to the act of reversing the process of growth. However, that is highly
inaccurate since Degrowth is not about stopping progress but rather stopping growth
when it costs too much on the planet.

person pointing paper line graph
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

The main goal of the Degrowth ideology is to raise awareness and warn people that
the world is facing a severe threat and that threat is constituted by us, humans, who
always strive to exploit our planet’s resources without being certain about the
consequences of that exploitation.

On the other hand, the concept of Degrowth can be adopted by all of us in a more
personal manner and that is by being less materialistic and mostly focusing on what
matters. A question that the supporters of this ideology often ask themselves is: “Do I
really need all these thing I would like to buy?”

Spring growth in Lower Old Down Plantation
Spring growth in Lower Old Down Plantation by Jim Champion is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Internal change is an essential step to a more healthy and sustainable way of living. In
order to change, one has to initially realize that they have to change. If you feel like
you are “not enough” to cause change or there are not many things you can do, then
think again. Degrowth states that change can happen even by doing the slightest little
thing, such as walking instead of driving, choosing your food wisely or even planting
trees that produce fruits and seeds.

person holding black scissors
Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

We humans often feel like we are immortal. An essential step to embracing Degrowth
is the realization that everything we take for granted may change quite fast and
without a warning. That is why the important thing to do is start NOW. People don’t
have to wait for their politicians or their neighbors to change but rather start taking
action so they can inspire change.

In essence, if we want to live in a more sustainable planet we have to cause change on
a larger scale and, to do that, we have to start by changing our way of thinking, which
will eventually lead us to change our way of living.


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  1. Jim L

    Jim Champion’s photos were well chosen to support the. Degrowth message. Why buy when surrounded by so much natural beauty. So do more to help us keep it. Mr. Champion has a huge portfolio if you choose to visit it.

    1. energylivesinfinite

      Thank so much! His work is quite brilliant isn’t it?! This message has an in depth part 2 along with the interview featuring Anne Burke to be released in coming weeks.

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