Gabrielle Inès talks The Okra Project, being a DEI consultant, and dating

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Socialite and ambassador of LGBTQ+ community, Gabrielle Inès talks The Okra Project, BTLM, and her personal journey. It was a pleasure connecting with Gabrielle as she walks us through the journey of finding herself. She is quite the inspiration due to her involvement in The Okra Project and it’s services to the BlackTrans and gender-nonconforming community.

When asked “What inspires you to keep going and growing?”

“Growth is a new thing for me… I’m not the same person I was 2 years ago.. I’ve reached a level in my life where I feel safe. My life until 2 years ago I lived in survival mode… You have a different view and lens when you’re not living in survival mode. I’ve spent a good bit of time in solitude and therapy and working on myself.” – Gabrielle Inès

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