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Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to The Human Experience Mark Rose – my new segment where I discuss + explore the many layers of the human experience. I’ll dive into the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical characteristics of human life while sharing my journey and thoughts + perspectives from other curious minds. Take a listen and let’s have conversations to progress our state of being as a collective.


For the first episode I wanted to talk about purpose, what led me here, and how it involves everyone. I feel purpose should not be found because it’s always been within. When I say this from my perspective I feel it’s doing the little things to reconnect and explore who we’ve always been inside from an early age before society and our environments instilled their experiences on us leaving us to stray away from who we really are. Going to school, college, then working a job that we may not really love to survive with little energy to care for ourselves because we’re too rushed on a daily to frame our focus on who we are and what truly fuels our existence. Don’t get me wrong – this may not be everyone’s case but from my lens it’s how I view the majority.

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These last few years have been self exploration for myself. Since a child I have always lived in my imagination (still do – lol). If you’re familiar with me you’re aware I love to create. Looking back as I grew and had to “figure out my life” I realize I slowly diverged focus from the things that charged my purpose. Very grateful in the midst of not focusing on those inner loves as much that I always remained confident that I would find my way and not let the outside world + survival mode distract me from doing what I truly love.

As you listen to the episode I’ll talk more about my personal journey but I am here to share experience(s) + curious thoughts to connect with you all and have conversations I feel are needed to tap in with ourselves so we can be our best not only for ourselves but for one another. This human experience could be so much more beautiful and adjacent if we all truly understood who we are and the power of individual purpose. By showing up for ourselves and living in our truths I believe we can uplift one another more and build a brighter now. Remember – “You can’t pour from an empty glass.”

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I love you all,

Mark Rose



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