Elli’s Digest 001 | Platonic Relationships

On this episode I wanted to discuss platonic relationships, and how its okay and imperative to have relationships in your life that are not sexual. I want to touch on a few topics that can inspire us to live a life of fulfillment.

  • Intro: What Elli’s digest will be about and the purpose of our conversations?
  • What is a Platonic Relationship? Why are they important?
  • 7 Pillars of Character
  • Personal Experience


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  1. Riley

    This is my first podcast I’ve listened to of yours! I hate that it’s taken me this long but am glad I finally took the time to sit down and listen to you and take in everything you said. This was amazing! I related to everything you said on a personal level. Congratulations for being in therapy because most people don’t allow themselves to go to that vulnerable and human place of admitting they need to learn and grow 🪴 and actually do it! Keep it up! I had never heard of the 7 pillars so that was interesting and educational to say the least. The quotes you featured to go along with talking about the 7 pillars of character were very well chosen and all very “striking,” powerful, and empowering. Thank you for putting yourself out there Elli and I so look forward to listening 🎧 to more pods and learning along with you in the future!

    1. energylivesinfinite

      Thank you so much! I pressed the delete button so many times lol. It takes alot for me to share and I appreciate its giving something. Thank you 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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