History of the Awkward Black.

A black household name in Hollywood has been a dream of many in the culture for almost a century. Many creators left sadly unnamed having handlers that took the credit. Black Americans have been entertainers, blue collar workers, and the trendsetters for decades; if not longer. It has been a struggle not only to be humanized but valued for our worth in mainstream society. The stigma attached to being black is a subconscious hurdle people of color experience in their youth and scholastic endeavors.

The main problem has always been the forbidden; a quest for knowledge. Access to information to enhance the quality of life. Leaving many in the culture to scrap for resources and at a loss for building connections. In today’s world access to any and every bit of information desirable in the palm of our hands or within our reach. As a society we still get distracted from lack luster entertainment that adds no value to our well being and our attention spans are on to the next dopamine fix.

Media created the depiction of the Black American from the gaze of White America. This holds no value to the spectrum of how we (as a culture) experience being black. Especially if it is not from the black perspective living in that moment of time.


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