Predictions of the 2020 decade

Here are a few internet predictions for the remainder of the 2020 decade. In no particular order here are some things that may come to pass. This is set to be the decade of innovation.

Robot Olympics

Robots will now start to show their capabilities through competitive performance. Japan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe, has shown interest in Japan hosting The World’s First Robot Olympics in 2020’s.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles around the world is estimated to hit 220 million by 2030.

Increase in life expectancy

Before humans submerge with AI scientist and doctors have been working diligently on the life expectancy of the average person with advanced technology. If we can increase the quality of life the possibilities are limitless.

Mission to Mars

SpaceX aspires to have the first human land on Mars by 2024. This could be the moment of the decade that changes the course of humanity. This brings on the possibilities of tourism in the outliers of Space.

Economy Crashes

A greater recession is on the horizon and will affect many people in America. This is the change of guards, World power will reside in the hands of China.

Mind reading machines

Cognitive learning and artificial intelligence met with the need for instant gratification. We have already been witnessing this with our smart computers in our hand. Ad Sensitivity has made catering personal interest a commodity for Capitalism.

Crisis Point in Population

World Population is estimated to expand to more than 8 billion by 2030.


The Pandemic set many corporations on a path of working from home and this is increased with colleges and universities offering courses to be taken independently at your convenience. Learning has now become a team effort. Innovative leaders will focus on the process of mastering our skillsets. Team work will be a group effort almost like a beehive.


Populists in some countries have won office by promising to return power to the people.

The fading of Influencers

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has decision makers mistaking the opinions of the politically engaged and ideological extremists as the general public opinion. This is far from the truth. Likes, comments, and engagements are potential dollar signs for big business. Unfortunately, this is the grey area of static in social media in social media influencing the majority over inflammatory statements.


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