Rebekah Medlin talks high school, living at sea, and making her own choices

Today we chatted with Rebekah, a free spirited human with an old soul. Even though this was our first encounter the conversation flowed naturally and we talked about everything from high school to religion. She filled us in on life at sea, age gap in a relationship with an older gentleman, and dealing with highs and lows that circumstances put us through.

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  1. Bonita Miles

    This was so exciting! Very informative conversation with Rebekah’s life at the sea with her boyfriend and her life choices. I would love to know how they both are doing on their new boat and more of their life adventures!! Looking forward to her coming back to the podcast and letting us know how she’s doing. This was awesome Elime😃👍🏾.

    1. energylivesinfinite

      We will definitely be bringing her back in the near future.

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