Elli’s Digest 005| self improvement is a side effect of growing pains

You have to want it so bad that you will give up the habits that hold you back from the best version of you. The thoughts, the feelings, the responses, you have to want to heal and then you will. We hold onto the most insignificant moments that hurt us and we react poorly to people in the present moment when your mind is only identifying with the past. You miss out on the chance to make a different decision because you let your past strip you from the present moment.

Can you spot the airplane?

Are you passionate about life? Ask yourself.

This is the moment the pawn makes a move on the chess board. And everything starts to manifest. When we become brave enough to write down our thoughts and dare to read them back in reflection, we are seeking that level of truth which is only found from looking within.

I find this experience quite terrifying- its personal, on paper, and somehow tells the truth no matter how you try to fib it. Getting to know you by talking about you to you. Bizarre but therapeutic. I’m in this head space right now where I’m dumping unnecessary memories that have an effect on my reactions. Learning the power of where you place your attention shapes every part of your outer and inner being. I decided I’m in a place to honor and take advantage of this power by pouring more into myself.

When you make that big brave decision to put you first. It will show in all your efforts. When we understand that every person we meet is a reflection of who we are pushed out into the world you then realize you want to take accountability for how you present yourself.

In this episode I will break down my journey of healing from trauma, sitting in silence, reflection, and painting the blank canvas of Elli.

  • sitting in silence
  • reflection without judgement
  • painting the canvas- being present, and forward thinking.
  • self respect is gained from discipline


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  1. Bonita Miles

    I truly enjoy listening to this conversation on self improvement!!! Elli’s Digest definitely gives you a lot to reflect on, to absorb and move forward. This was very deep, on point and words of wisdom and gratefulness! I applaud you Elli and Thankyou👏🏾👏🏾.

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