Trapdollazmanny talks music, inspirations, acting, life in the DMV, and future

Trapdollazmanny is a DMV rapper who started making comedic videos online but transitioned to music with a unique sound. They Should Be Scared of Me is TDM’s latest project which we discuss the making of and inspiration behind it. We’re filled in on Manny’s process of making music and where he wants to go with his career. He mentions how his rapper name came about, previous shows, growing up in the DMV, fashion, acting, horror films, and more.



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  1. Bonita Miles

    A very enlightening interview with Trapdollazmanny!!! What an awesome and talented individual 👍🏾. I’m amazed with TDM’s talent but also the his start in creating comic videos, interest in acting/film,the latest project “they should be scared of me” and his future goals!! (Loving the vision boards). Can’t wait to hear more from TDM, “Best wishes to you!!”🫶🏾

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