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Lately my younger self has been calling me. This year has been about self exploration, reflecting, purpose, and being my best self. Recently, I looked through old photos of myself as a child which brought a wave emotions. We tend to stray away from that inner child as we grow with responsibilities of life but beautiful things can happen when you reconnect with the younger self. Staying connected is the goal; for me at least.

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I’m currently in this stage of reset. Letting a lot of things go that do not serve who I am or where I’m going. Narrowing my time and focus to what matters.

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  1. Bonita Miles

    Awesome Mark Rose!!!👏🏾👏🏾
    Make your younger self proud was definitely “real talk!!”. Never give up, make that little girl or boy proud!! In knowing that your younger self will help you grow & remind you who you really are as you have said. And what I especially loved was when you said, “ your younger self was me and is me , and always here cheering me on!!”, that alone touched my heart deeply and I thank you for the reminder!! Love you lots! And much blessings to you!!❤️

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