James Camper talks BET lawsuit, taking the bar, and using law knowledge as a commentator

Today we chat with law graduate and commentator James Camper about his current lawsuit against BET for false advertising. A fight was promoted in the the trailer for the recent season of BET’s celebrity edition of “College Hill” between Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose. The show is released through BET Plus which is an subscription through BET with exclusive shows consumers pay to watch monthly. James assures us that the lawsuit is not just about a fight on a show but about large corporations making money off of consumers not showing what they originally marketed.

He also fills us in on taking the bar in California, moving back to Georgia or elsewhere, dreams as a political commentator, and being on CNN one day. Take a listen and join the chat.


James Camper – https://www.instagram.com/jamescamper3/?hl=en


Mark Rose – https://linktr.ee/markrrose

Elli – https://linktr.ee/godfatherofcreation

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