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I hope everyone’s been okay lately staying focused on what’s meaningful to you.

Today I talk about the pressure surrounding self expression and the generational cycles of repeated projections by not knowing self and it’s effects.

Confidence is self assurance but how are we self assured in a world of conformed subconscious programming?

Photo taken by Alexandréa Johnson

We live in a society where we’re judged when we express ourselves authentically.

Often by the people we love the most.

Those people being products of their environments.

Social media and the internet have millions of people who express thoughts mindlessly with little awareness of what they’re doing or saying because of not knowing self and what they truly believe.

Photo taken by Kye Stephens

So many thoughts and perspectives.

This level of experience for me has been about self exploration, reflection, and purpose.

Doing what makes me happy even when it’s uncomfortable.

Photo taken by Alexandréa Johnson

Listen as I share perspective, experiences with confidence, journey embracing myself, and what keeps me grounded to comfortably express myself.

Comment your thoughts below and let’s connect.

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  1. Bonita Miles

    Thanks for the clarification on “Expression” Mark it was awesome!! You couldn’t have spoke it any clearer when you said “It can be hard to express ourselves confidently because of the way we’ve been programmed by society, also must say family too!” And that definitely can hinder our growth of self expression for sure. And “yes” we should be proud of our unique selves and I know it takes courage but once we do it that sense of freedom you feel is “priceless!!”( I can say I’m happy I took that journey to self expression and growth!!). 🥰

  2. Bonita Miles

    I truly enjoy this conversation on “Expression”. And yes it can be hard to express ourselves when we’ve been programmed by society and family!! It does take focus and courage to move forward to growth through self confidence and expression. But once we do that sense of freedom you feel is “priceless!!”, I definitely know that from experience!! Once again, thank you Mark!!

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