Gabrielle Souza on The Okra Project, BTLM, facial feminization/vaginoplasty surgery, People mag, and much more

Today we catch up with executive director of The Okra Project, Gabrielle Souza.

If you’re not familiar with Gabi – you should.

She is well known as an activist in the BTLM (Black Trans Lives Matter) movement bringing awareness to the injustices of this marginalized community.

The Okra Project focuses on liberation work of the black trans and queer communities while providing aid and resources to help those who need it.

She fills us in on protecting her mental health while being an activist, facial feminization/vaginoplasty surgeries, and love life.

As well as the lack of support and gatekeeping within the community at times and what she thinks needs to change.

Recent People Mag feature

“Providing my community with resources that they need but also tweaking the system or burning the system down to where we no longer have to do that work and those resources flow endlessly and continuously to us” – when asked on her goals as an executive director.

Go to for more information on The Okra Project, active programs, resources, and options to donate.


Gabrielle (Gabi) Souza


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