Elli’s Digest 008 | The Hero’s Journey

Hello Creatives, I hope life is content and you have money in your wallet! Today’s episode I wanted to explore the concept of the hero’s journey and look at it from a philosophical view. I want us to put ourselves in the driver seat of this journey we call life. Let’s discover how it can be lived through conflict, trial and error, learning from our mistakes, and personal evolution. I hope you are inspired and able to reflect on this with your own journey.

Elli – https://linktr.ee/godfatherofcreation


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  1. Bonita Miles

    WOW!!, Elli this was totally awesome, inspiring, awakening and uplifting words of “wisdom!!”👏🏾👏🏾. The Hero’s Journey was made so clear, understandable and relatable, thank you for this amazing discussion, I’m truly grateful. Definitely looking forward to more topics on Elli’s Digest!!! Much blessings to you ❤️.

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