Scary movies, stalkers, the supernatural, kidnapping, why do we like to be scared?

Happy October!

The King of Fall (Mark) and Elli chat with Trapdollazmanny and Jaiden about scary movies, supernatural occurrences, stalkers, kidnapping, and why we as a society like to be scared.

Have you ever wondered why we set ourselves up for fear by watching horror films? Waiting in line for terror based attractions to be chased by strangers in costumes… or going to haunted attractions to possibly spot a ghost.

We share personal experiences with the supernatural as well strange interactions with humans.

Favorite Final girl, one scary movie to watch for life, which horror figure creeps us out the most….

Light a candle, grab a snack, get cozy, and let’s talk all things spooky season!

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  1. Bonita Miles

    WOW😃!!! Everyone this was so awesome!
    Loved listening to all the views on the topics of discussion 👍🏾. And also very interesting to find out all the things each of you experienced. This was really fun too! Definitely perfect for this fall season we’re in now. Thanks Elime (Mark & Elli) and special guests, Trapdollazmanny & Jaiden.

    1. mrose381

      Thank you it was an great chat to start Spooky Season! We have more on the way so get excited!

  2. markrrose

    Perfect way to start spooky season I had so much fun!

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