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It’s Spooky Season! My favorite time of the year. It’s something so nostalgic about October and Fall for me. I love horror movies, flannels, soups, cozy sweaters, all of it. Being an Creative who likes to express myself October is a time to have fun and get out of the norm.

So today let’s talk about zombies! Living human zombies…. aha. I think we’ve all been a zombie at some point. Some of us no longer… some of us still walking around and roaming mindlessly.

A zombie is a brain dead creature brought back to life without human qualities.

Basically a person who moves around unconscious being controlled by their surroundings. This relates to human beings more than you know.

Are you letting life pass you in a blink of an eye?

Do you know what you want out of life?

Are you scrolling social media more than you take action on what you want out of life?

Do you let the thoughts of your relatives and peers control you?

Photos by Erin Riley

We’re here to learn, grow, understand ourselves, evolve, and much more…. Not be unconscious like zombies walking around giving attention to everything else but our minds.

Today I’m going to share perspective on being a living zombie and why we should not allow ourselves to remain in this state.

Listen, leave a comment below, share and let’s talk!

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  1. Bonita Miles

    Thankyou Mark👍🏾!!! Your info and view points on not to be a zombie was awesome.
    And you’re definitely right, we all need to be forever mindful our personal growth and our purpose!! If what we’re doing or what goes on in our life isn’t serving our purpose then we need to be still and focus to recognize if we’re becoming living zombies constantly mashing that repeat button!!
    I truly enjoyed your spooky (lol) but very informative conversation!🎃🍁🍂

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