Current events with political commentator and Mentally Divine podcast host Brian Baez

We are joined by Mentally Divine podcast host and political commentator Brian Baez filling us in on current events and answering our questions with a unique perspective.

Brian’s original purpose with starting his brand was to build community and safe spaces for people to feel seen and heard.

Many of his videos have gone viral online giving opinions on current world issues even getting the attention of former Georgie State Representative Stacey Abrams.

Appearing on Fox Soul, SiriusXM Urban View Radio, and getting contacted by Nonprofit organizations to get people motivated to go vote; he for sure is building a name and reputation for himself.

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When asked about breaking generational curses he mentions being the first in his family’s generation to go to college getting his bachelor’s and masters degree.

From Jersey now living in Atlanta he opens up about growing up at an early age with little childhood and the high expectations that come with it all.

We discuss inflation, misinformation, phobias, hypocrisy, the importance of voting and why it matters, Gen Z and more.

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