Category: Human Experience

  • Author, eLuvated talks publishing her first book, yogi and more

    Our Guest this week, eLuvated is an author, certified yogi, podcast host, and the list can go on. Mark goes into an in depth discussion that is very heartfelt and needed for the consciousness. She talks publishing her first poetry book Balanced Expressions Vol. 1 and the process to share it, The eLuvated Podcast, and […]

  • Roberto Espinosa talks “Figmental State”, project funding, and more

    Our Guest this week, Roberto is an independent filmmaker, writer, director and founder of Meteorite Entertainment. He informs the audience on his process of writing and love of film. Figmental State is currently an project under development that tells the story of a homeschooled, isolated youth named Mike who, with his imaginary friend, Stan, finds […]

  • Degrowth

    If you are not familiar with the term Degrowth, you might get confused and think thatthe term refers to the act of reversing the process of growth. However, that is highlyinaccurate since Degrowth is not about stopping progress but rather stopping growthwhen it costs too much on the planet. The main goal of the Degrowth […]