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  • In a state of Arrested Development

    It all started with the American Dream and a few generations later we are lost in consumerismand start giving away our value to the materials we obtain. Artists and films alikeromanticize this dream as middle and lower class people journey their way to a ‘goldmine’.Whether that be a business venture or a hidden treasure, the […]

  • Is the office workspace coming to an end?

    Is the office workspace coming to an end?

    In 2020, the Pandemic, a word that entered our vocabulary so casually in the mostdisturbing way, shifted everything in our lives from our daily routines to the way weinteract with each other —-now at 6 feet apart. This may have brought some comfortto the anxious, introverted individual. But for others who thrive off of community […]

  • How Art Creates our world view

    We all know that art is storytelling. It presents to us the history of culture, times, and places before us. Researchers have done experiments and pondered upon the correlation between art and the human brain. Art as we know it comes in many forms influencing the five senses: music, visuals, dance, song, food, etc. Art […]

  • Everyone is Dead

    Everyone is Dead

    What if everyone around you was dead? What if everyone around you was dead? What if everyone you ever came in contact with was actually dead? The thoughtcould leave your mind looting. This can be a cliché in being the scapegoat of a plottwist. Many conspiracy theories could make the truth seem stranger than fiction. […]