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  • HBO Max-Discovery+, Netflix Dahmer, and NASA asteroid crash

    HBO Max-Discovery+, Netflix Dahmer, and NASA asteroid crash

    Elli’s Digest 001 | While Warner Brothers discovery is currently cleaning house to ensure tax write offs. The merged HBO Max-Discovery+ will put together hours of programming to put themselves in good graces with uncle Sam. This will leave some fans in a frenzy and others left hanging. Netflix Dahmer series is on the tip […]

  • In a state of Arrested Development

    It all started with the American Dream and a few generations later we are lost in consumerismand start giving away our value to the materials we obtain. Artists and films alikeromanticize this dream as middle and lower class people journey their way to a ‘goldmine’.Whether that be a business venture or a hidden treasure, the […]

  • Access to the Internet is a Human Right

    Depending on where and how you grew up, there are certain things that we consider norms while they are considered luxuries in certain countries outside of the US. We use the restrooms inside, running water to wash our hands whenever we need to, air conditioning, heat, a stove to cook on, etc. This isn’t the […]