Elli’s Digest 003 | The Fear of Intimacy

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The deep rooted fear of intimacy stems from the social economy in the 80’s and 90’s. During this period, the AIDS epidemic shook America and vilified the LGBTQIA+ community. One of the most taboo things also poured onto the web with a big splash and that was porn. Many questioned their faith, leaving their religious communities in search of a new Christ like leader, delving into occult practices, or trying things such as tarot to search for answers. The archetype of the family structure was falling apart. Women have been taking the lead in their fields at work, achieving high levels of academic  success, and being able to provide for the child without the man ever becoming the provider. In the last decade we have seen the rise of dating apps. After having been conditioned with the technological gift of instant gratification since the rise of social media.

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I say all of this to conclude with the reminder that all growth we seek in our lives starts within. It doesn’t come from pointing the finger at the other individual/s that hurt us. Unbeknownst, the victim will soon become the villain.

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  1. Bonita Miles

    Very good information and empathy on this topic!! I enjoyed listening to everything you spoke on, thank you for the insight!!👍🏾

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