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  • Author, eLuvated talks publishing her first book, yogi and more

    Our Guest this week, eLuvated is an author, certified yogi, podcast host, and the list can go on. Mark goes into an in depth discussion that is very heartfelt and needed for the consciousness. She talks publishing her first poetry book Balanced Expressions Vol. 1 and the process to share it, The eLuvated Podcast, and […]

  • Roberto Espinosa talks “Figmental State”, project funding, and more

    Our Guest this week, Roberto is an independent filmmaker, writer, director and founder of Meteorite Entertainment. He informs the audience on his process of writing and love of film. Figmental State is currently an project under development that tells the story of a homeschooled, isolated youth named Mike who, with his imaginary friend, Stan, finds […]

  • HBO Max-Discovery+, Netflix Dahmer, and NASA asteroid crash

    HBO Max-Discovery+, Netflix Dahmer, and NASA asteroid crash

    Elli’s Digest 001 | While Warner Brothers discovery is currently cleaning house to ensure tax write offs. The merged HBO Max-Discovery+ will put together hours of programming to put themselves in good graces with uncle Sam. This will leave some fans in a frenzy and others left hanging. Netflix Dahmer series is on the tip […]

  • Mark Garvey, Callum Oakaby Wright, and Simon Cleary talk The Freedoms

    Mark Garvey, Callum Oakaby Wright, and Simon Cleary talk The Freedoms

    Who is Hettie Entwistle? Mark and Elli had a chance to speak with “The Freedoms” director, Mark Garvey, and brothers Callum Oakaby Wright and Simon Cleary about their scavenger hunt to find The Freedoms leading to self discovery. This is a heartfelt exploration of healing and navigating through growing pains. Her infamous nature has made […]

  • Interview with Callum Oakaby Wright

    Interview with Callum Oakaby Wright

    This was a very special interview getting to talk with the producer of Twas the Devil an indie folklore film. Access is granted to everyone see how a very small knit creative community across the globe with similar intent making it happen by creating the films they love and stories they want to share. It […]

  • Interview with Michael DeVore

    Interview with Michael DeVore

    Today Eli talks with entrepreneur and app creator Michael Devore, he talks about his app and service in the black community coming from the tech industry. His experience working with investors and much more you do not want to miss Creatives!

  • Interview with John Antaki

    Interview with John Antaki

    A former mechanical engineer found himself back where he started only this time on his own terms. Listen as Mark and John discuss his career as an engineer moving into wedding photography and the desire to explore other forms of creativity.

  • Interview with Thomas Glover

    Interview with Thomas Glover

    Today we are talking Thomas Glover. He is the owner and operator of XRO Studios. Glover is a man of many mastered skills in digital marketing, audio engineering, music videos, and producing to name a few. Dive into the interview with Mark Rose and Thomas as they discuss his journey in the entertainment industry, growing the […]

  • Interview with Len Hennessy

    Interview with Len Hennessy

    Today we are talking with the director of Intrusion. Listen to Mark and Kathy discuss ELIME’s first film Intrusion with Len Hennessy. A working actor, musician, writer, and editor in the entertainment industry. Hennessy has had quite the journey over the years and shares his experiences working on major and independent film sets. A conversation worth […]

  • Interview with Jermane Dunbar

    Interview with Jermane Dunbar

    Today we had the opportunity to interview Creative Jermane Anthony Dunbar. After taking drama class in high school he has been independently networking and building onto his craft. Jermane share’s many wise thoughts on the industry and insight on his opportunities that have arisen by being at the right place, at the right time. Listen to […]